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Effective Anti-aging  strategies and Facial Rejuvenation begins with therapeutic skin care for real results.

Anti-aging Treatments

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with our professional-grade anti-aging treatments. A 16-20 week therapeutic treatment regimen primes skins, restoring it to a healthy state and readying it for personalized services including chemical peels, laser therapies and wrinkle fillers. Our team will work with you to design a personalized approach to care, ensuring results that restore a youthful glow. 

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 Facial Rejuvenation

A personalized treatment plan combining therapeutic products like Laser Genesis™, Photorejuvenation by LimeLight™, chemical peels,  and/or BOTOX®, and  Xeomin®.  Facial Fillers such as Artefill, Restylane, Juvederm Voluma can be added to rejuvenate your face and neck. Wrinkles and fine lines, redness due to rosacea, acne and acne scarring, and environmental damage including brown spots, can benefit from our facial rejuvenation treatment planning and step by step care. We want you to be fully informed, carefully educated in making the correct decisions for you. Let us help you imagine the possibiliites!!!

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Are you frustrated by the endless cycle of shaving and waxing? Electrolysis is the only truly permanent hair removal method available. We all want to feel good about our appearance, and if unwanted hair is a problem you'd like to eliminate, electrolysis can help you do just that, resulting in renewed self confidence For women with hormonal health issues, treatment by electrolysis is the only permanent method for your condition. It is important to understand that hormonal hair growth occurs during periods of change,- pregnancy, stress, menopause and can be managed. We can help be the advocate for you regarding response to medical therapies and monitoring change or providing referrals to appropriate and helpful medical professionals.

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Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up, also known as micro pigmentation, offers a number of advantages over the traditional upkeep of cosmetics. Not only is permanent make-up suitable for candidates who have skin allergies to ingredients commonly found in traditional make-up products, or handicapped customers who have trouble independently applying make-up on a daily basis, but benefits also include decreased time spent getting ready each day, and a consistent appearance to your enhancements. 

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels effectively improve skin's moisture retention and elasticity - both hallmarks of a youthful, healthy glow. Our peels are recommended based on your unique needs and skin's characteristics. Popular options include the SkinTX Restore, a modified Jessners Peel to clarify, Youthboost Probiotic Peel Treatments- which restore the natural bacterial balance and protective barrier of your skin. This peel treatment is recommended for soothing the inflammation of acne and the redness of acne rosacea. While we do not treat your condition, we provide remedies which promote natural and corrective healing through advanced therapeutic products. The Obagi Blue Peel. or other TCA peel procedures are offered for deeper corrective restoration of the skin's texture, improved cellular function and even toned complexion. The deeper peels require a longer preparation period, which increases the safety and efficacy for extreme results. After peel procedure care is no less important than the peel itself. It is the refinement phase of this corrective and restorative peel.

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Lip Augmentation

Have you noticed the proliferation of tiny lines surrounding the lip line, which may lead to feathering or bleeding lipstick? A naturally contoured and full line surrounding the mouth, also known as the vermillion border, is just one element of a youthful-looking mouth. We offer injectables, including Restylane and  Juvederm®, to plump lips and soften fine lines. It is recommended to keep lips hydrated and protected by the use of products containing SPF.

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Therapeutic Skin Services  

We offer a full range of spa services to help our customers relax and recharge - emerging post-treatment looking and feeling their best. Available services include a relaxing or therapeutic facial, back treatments to hydrate or clear skin, airbrush tanning, paraffin hand treatments, lash extensions, and lash and brow tinting. 

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Skin Conditions- Rosacea  

Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by persistent redness, blushing, and bumps on the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. Often troubling to the point of embarrassment, we offer  management of symptoms through targeted therapies  and lifestyle modifications. A skin consultation can determine the best approach for managing your condition, focusing on maintaining your skin's health which may include topical probiotic peel treatments, specific skin balancing cleasnsers  and moisturizers with hexamidine  and  peptides. We also educate the need for barrier protection as well as on diligent sun protection We often promote the use of dietary supplements from local pharmacies. Florastor and Digestive Advantage are two favorites.

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Part of the natural aging process, a number of our customers seek our services because they are trouble by decreased volume in the face, leading to sagging. Our favorite filler is Artefill, the longest lasting and safest product on the market.  Introduced in late 2006 , Artefill has the highest safety profile of all fillers.  While injectables offer smooth and gentle restoration of lost volume, there are certain considerations. Skin's  normal elasticity and general healthy state is required for optimal result from the filler chosen. While HA fillers like Restylane and Voluma offer hyaluronic acid, a natural component in the skin, which decreases with age, most fillers actually help to improve the quality of the skin due to the injectable chosen. 

We always provide a plan to help extend the benefits of any filler that is injected, by choosing the premium products which help your skin improve collagenesis and lead to continued improvement. Fillers provide the most change with good skin care and bring back the youthful fullness you desire. Men are always amazed by adding some volume in the mid face area, which softens aging.

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Latisse and RevitaLash

Are your eyelashes naturally short, straight or sparse? Say goodbye to fake eyelashes and the endless search for that perfect mascara. Our office offers LATISSE™, an FDA-approved prescription treatment to lengthen, thicken and darken your natural lashes. 

We also offer Revitalash and Revitabrow, developed by an opthalmalogist - Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff.  Revitalash Cosmetics isa pioneer and worldwide Leader in developing beauty enhancement products with scientifically advanced ingredients.

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