Move toward a natural look.

Wrinkles aren't your style and the "frozen look" isn't either. For adults who want a natural look, there's Dysport, a prescription injection proven to help smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows without changing the look or movement of the rest of your face. Untreated muscles still work normally, so you can continue to express feelings naturally. It's the lines that disappear, not your expressions. 


Youthful looks that last.

Bellafill® is a microsphere enhanced filler that is the lasting solution for wrinkle correction. It provides immediate, visible wrinkle correction, has a natural, elegant feel, it requires fewer injections, and it is simple, safe, and effective. Upon injection, the collagen gel immediately corrects your wrinkles while acting as a carrier for the microspheres in Bellafill®. As your body gradually absorbs the collagen gel, the microspheres which are not absorbed create a support matrix for enduring wrinkle correction by working together with your body's own collagen. The microspheres are made out of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), which is one of the most widely used synthetic implant materials used in medicine, and is very safe.  
Before any Bellafill® injection can commence, a patient must have an Bellafill skin test. A skin test must be administered to make sure that the patient is not allergic to the collagen in Bellafill. Once a period of time has passed, and there is no reaction, an Bellafill injection can be scheduled.
It may take multiple treatments in order to reach full correction. This will be discussed with your injector and as always, the benefits, risks, and possible side effects will be explained to you. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at (651) 739-5181, or visit for more information on this amazing injectable filler!

Botox Cosmetic 

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles every time you smile, laugh or frown. The more emotion you show, the deeper these wrinkles and lines are likely to be. Thanks to Botox®, you don't have to show them any more.
Botox® is approved by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment for wrinkles and frown lines. After injected into the muscle, Botox® blocks impulses from the nerve to the tiny facial muscles that are related to expression lines. Botox® relaxes the muscles so they do not contract. After treatment, the overlying skin remains smooth and unwrinkled, while the untreated facial muscles contract in a normal fashion, allowing normal facial expression to be unaffected. Botox® has been used safely for over 20+ years to treat many ophthalmological and neurological disorders. It has become extremely popular for the treatment of reversing visible signs of aging over the last decade. It is a quick in-office procedure with effects that last from three to six months. 
Lines and wrinkles aren't the only things that can be alleviated with Botox®. It also helps to minimize migrains, reduce sweating (underarms, hands, feet) and treat blepharospasm.

Patient Testimonial for Bellafill®

from Bridget Essling*, a client of Aesthetic Therapies

Injector: Maureen Hines

"I have a very thin face. I have tried many types of facial injections without much satisfaction. Bellafill® is the first product that has given me the natural contour I have been looking for. Maureen Hines is unsurpassed in her ability to to understand your facial structure. There is not a better practitioner available."
*Client has granted permission to use testimonial for marketing purposes.

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