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Micro pigmentation or "Permanent Make-up"

We offer permanent makeup for eyebrows, eyelash enhancement, and eye lining.

Micro-pigmentation, formally known as Permanent Cosmetic Makeup or medical tattooing is a revolutionary new procedure of applying micro insertions of natural pigments to the dermal layer of the skin. This premier state of the art technique is medically developed and specifically designed for completely safe, beautiful enhancement. We use only sterile pigments, developed specifically for safety within the body that will not interfere with MRI imaging. Pigments are implanted in the skin with a motorized instrument containing sterile needles.

A specialist, trained specifically to perform micro-pigmentation as a cosmetic specialty performs the procedures in our offices as follows. The first step is the personal consultation. An initial consultation is very important. The following information is not intended to take the place of a consultation, but to give you an overview so that it may help you make an informed decision at the time of your consultation. Remember to make some notes specific to your concerns, so that we may cover that information at your appointment.

Consultation for all micro-pigmentation procedures includes a detailed explanation of desired procedure, discussion of pigments, color choices, pre and post procedure care. Your health history will be taken to determine if this procedure is right at the time. The skin test is performed in a chosen area and pre procedure photographs are taken for our records. These are held confidentially as a part of your record. Risks versus benefits of the procedure will be discussed as well as the reasonable outcome of your desired procedure. Costs of the consultation and skin test, to be paid at the time, as well as a deposit for the procedure will be taken to schedule an appointment for the procedure. The consultation is $40 and the skin test is $35, so the cost of your first visit will be $75. The cost of the procedure is quoted for each client and covers the costs of our supplies and time.

Eyebrows — This procedure can mimic the appearance of hair in the brow line. It can also achieve a fullness to thinner eyebrows. Light shades of color can be implanted with a “hairline stroke” technique to achieve a very natural appearance.

Eyeliner and Eyelash Enhancement — Generally speaking, eye-lining is placed between lashes, in the lash bed, with a fine line above the lashes (1-2 mm width total application). This procedure is called a lash enhancement because the effect is to clearly define the eyes, but not to strongly outline. Both upper and lower areas are completed on the same appointment. The procedure may be scheduled no less than 48 hours after the skin test has been performed. The healing time is one week, with a check-up at that time. If additional thickness or darkening is desired, six weeks will be required to wait between appointments. 

For thicker and true eye-lining, for the upper lashes, we begin by performing the lash enhancement procedure. After the one week healing period has passed, we reevaluate and decide whether to proceed to perform eye-lining. This is an additional amount of pigment placed in the lid margin, for a total of 2-3 mm serving as eye-lining. Many women are very satisfied with the enhancement procedure, finding it exactly right. For some women, the thicker lining may look better.

In addition to a consultation with one of our Certified Derma-Technicians, you will receive information about Permanent Makeup. If the decision is made to proceed, we will perform a skin test. If there is no adverse reaction within 48 hours, an appointment can be made for this procedure.

No matter which procedure you are interested in, we will work with you in achieving your goal. This is something that will last you years and years and we want to make sure that you are happy and looking your best. We may suggest what we think is best, but we will always listen to your desires and accommodate what you want to see in the mirror.

For all micro-pigmentation procedures, you will need to refrain from taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medicines as well as alcohol prior to the appointment. For procedures involving the eyes, make-up and contact lenses should not be worn the day of your appointment. You may need to arrange for transportation that day. We will provide any instructions specific to you if warranted.

Micro-Pigmentation may be right for you
You have an allergy to conventional make-up. A skin test for allergy is always performed prior to the micro-pigmentation procedure.

- You have a loss of eyebrows or eyelashes due to a condition/disease or a trauma, genetics or even the aging process.
- You have changes in your vision or manual dexterity, limiting your ability to apply conventional make-up.
- You maintain an active, busy lifestyle and wish to save time. You may be looking for a water-proof, perspiration proof solution to wearing cosmetics.

Micro-Pigmentation may be an aesthetic benefit
If you have had breast surgery for reconstruction following breast cancer, or even a breast reduction, micro-pigmentation may help restore normal appearance. A shade of pigment is chosen to match your natural nipple areola complex. Often it is necessary to choose a color slightly darker to accommodate the fading to the final desired color. The placement of color on the nipple areola complex can camouflage associated scarring thus correcting size, shape or symmetry in the existing nipple areola complex. 

It may be possible to camouflage scars, burn scarring or vitiligo. These procedures are generally recommended by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. It may be possible to camouflage small areas but rigorous avoidance of sun exposure which can darken surrounding skin, but not treated areas, is a necessity. Application of sun-blocks can protect the intensity of the pigment and guard against fading. 

Micro-Pigmentation is a precise procedure
The area is measured, may be outlined and/or marked. Together we will approve the final placement. Topical anesthetics may be applied to the site to ensure maximum comfort during implantation.

Micro-pigmentation can be performed to cosmetically enhance eyebrows, the eyes, applied in the lid margin to create the appearance of fuller lashes and a more defined shape, as well as the lips. Placement of pigment to completely cover the lip provides long lasting color. Natural pigment colors are best choices to even out irregular coloring of the lips. This procedure will not impart the shiny or frosted look many women like. It will be necessary to use lip protectants daily after this application. 

Generally facial procedures require an appointment lasting one to one and a half hours.

After care following the procedure
After the procedure, you may experience redness, swelling or tenderness at the pigmented site, but generally these are minimal effects. You may want to apply a cool compress to the site or take an over the counter painkiller. The pigmented site is always covered with an ointment containing an antibiotic. We prefer the use of bacitracin zinc, available at most pharmacies. Occasionally we cover the area with a cotton guaze dressing. For the best results, following the specific aftercare directions we give you will help it heal best. It is best to not disturb the site by scrubbing and washing the site more than recommended. Applying the topical antibiotic for five to seven days will be the best way to ensure normal healing and retention of the implanted pigments. Of course, for any eye procedure, it is necessary to avoid applying cosmetics on the site and forgo contact lenses for one week. We will provide any specific instructions particular to you at the time of your procedure. For the long term, avoiding sun and wearing sun block daily can help protect against fading. For the best results, it is imperative to wear an approved sun product on a daily basis. Failure to do so may result in fading. We carry various sun protection products in our office that can help your results last longer and protect your skin.

Risks versus Benefits of Micro-Pigmentation
Micro-pigmentation is a relatively simple, safe and comfortable procedure. However, with any invasive procedure, there is a possibility of complications including but not limited to, infection, swelling, bruising, rash, tenderness and allergy to the pigment or topical used during the procedure. Although we have performed many procedures successfully, we may not be able to recommend it to you. You may have a medical condition such as radiation treatments or previous scarring or need further surgery delaying micro-pigmentation. Please advise us thoroughly about your health history and any medications you are taking.

The most common misconception about micro-pigmentation is that it is permanent. It is permanent in the respect that it will not wash off like cosmetics. But it cannot be considered permanent because pigments eventually fade and may even disappear. Fading can occur within a year while some people experience no fading even after five or more years. Fading is more common in the eyebrow area, and the nipple areola complex. Pigments generally are retained on the lid margin as eye enhancement for years longer. The oiliness of your skin may contribute to loss of pigments. Colors generally fade slower in the lips when full color is placed rather than lining. When fading occurs, most people choose to have a touch up of the pigmentation. This will incur an additional charge.

Colors of pigments placed within the skin can and do look different from one person to another. This is because each individual’s body chemistry is unique and their skin tone/color differs, as well as how this may affect fading. It is possible that colors will appear different than anticipated by you. We will make every effort to help you select the best shade and color that will be the most attractive.

We use only sterile pigments, formulated by a leading medical company. See
We reserve the right to refuse this service to any individual we think may not be an appropriate candidate for any reason.

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