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Most people want to take care of their feet. We compromise the health of our feet and the quality of our lives just by doing everyday things, like standing too long, wearing uncomfortable shoes, as well as playing sports.

FACT: The skin on your feet is thicker than any other place on your body. Dead skin cells accumulate because of the pressure, friction and weight your feet have to deal with.

What happens when dead skin cells are formed?
Normally, the new skin cells are produced one after another, pushing the old cells up to the surface. This turnover process takes about 28 days and the old skin peels off as dandruff. But if the feet are under pressure with excessive stimulation or they are overworked, more of the dead skin cells accumulate, making the skin unable to complete its turnover process.

FACT: As a result, the skin on the sole of your feet becomes hard, dry, rough and cracked. The more the dead skin cells build up, the more issues you can have like bad odor and poor blood circulation. Therefore, it is important to remove the dead skin cells periodically to keep your feet healthy. 

How can we take away excess layers of dead skin cells?
Common ways to remove the dead skin cells are by using a foot file or pumice stone which can take away some dead skin cells instantly. If parts of the dead skin cells are forced off, the surface of your sole will be damaged, resulting in dry and cracked soles. 

FACTThe friction caused by scraping the dead skin cells creates a vicious spiral of accumulating more and more dead skin cells. 

Does it work better if I presoak my feet? Presoaking your feet will help to expedite the peeling process.
What happens if I wear the booties more then an hour? In most cases the skin is fine due to the natural extracts in Baby Foot, however, you may have some redness. 
Does it hurt or become tender when I begin to peel? No, the dead skin will peel naturally . 
How soon can I do another treatment? You may do another treatment as soon as two weeks after your initial treatment, when repeat every one to two months. 
I like having pedicures so why would I use Baby Foot? Baby Foot is an additional treatment for your feet. We still love to have our toes polished and our feet massaged! Pedicures do not remove the dead layers of skin and the friction caused by scraping the dead skin cells creates a vicious spiral of accumulating more dead skin cells. 
Should I remove my nail polish before using this product? You do not need to remove your polish, however, the fruit acids could possibly dull the polish.
Can I use the product on my hands? Yes, but the peeling will be on the palms of your hands. 
Does the gel sting if I have foot fungus? For feet in normal conditions, no. If you have a foot fungus, Baby Foot has helped improve it, but you might experience some stinging depending on the condition of your feet. If you have any open cuts, do not use.
Will Baby Foot fade my tattoo? Baby Foot is a foot peel, so there is a possibility of fading. However, most people do not have a lot of peeling on the tops of their feet. 

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