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Aesthetic Therapies carries a variety of skin care lines to ensure that we can treat clients of all skin types and customize your skin care regimen to treat your individual concerns. We carry products from the following lines: Vivierskin®, Skin Tx®, Platiné®, Elta MD®, Luminensce, Glowbiotics MD, Hydropeptide®, Revitalash, Zenagen and Jane Iredale®. ​

These pharmaceutical grade products were chosen for their efficacy, cost and ability to improve the quality of skin. It is important to use pharmaceutical grade products when preparing the skin for a chemical peel, or to extend the life of your laser and injectable treatments so you receive the best results possible. 

We carry the most popular of the Vivier Pharma product line in our office. If you have an immediate need to have product shipped to you please use our clinic code to purchase directly from that way we may continue to advise you on your product usage.

When you purchase products from us, we are very happy to advise and recommend a treatment protocol for you. As a clinic specifically trained in the use of all the Viverskin products, we believe in the continuity of a protocol just for you.

If you would like to order Vivier online please use our clinic code during check out so we may continue to assist you. You will also receive free shipping. <

Clinic code is our phone number 6517395181 
for online orders
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GrenzCine $324

Serum 10 $93

Serum 20 $130

Radiance Serum $148


Advanced Skin Lightening Serum $149

Kine-C Serum $ 164

C E Peptides $ 177

TMR $104


Nightly Age-Defying $77

hydragel Advanced



Retinol 1% Night Complex $144


redness solution complex $105

refreshing toner $39


Nightly Age-Defying $77


hydragel Advanced



foaming cleanser $39

grenzcine eye cream $197

Platine eye cream $135

dark circle cream $197


radiant eye cream $74

skin brightening cream $110 

Tripple protection spf $47

corrector 2 $120



lexxel $83


Glowbiotics Products Cleanser $32








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