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Eyelash Enhancement 

Generally speaking, eye-lining is placed between lashes, in the lash bed, with a fine line above the lashes (1-2 mm width total application). This procedure is called a lash enhancement because the effect is to clearly define the eyes, but not to strongly outline. Both upper and lower areas are completed on the same appointment. The procedure may be scheduled no less than 48 hours after the skin test has been performed. The healing time is one week, with continuous usage of daily SPF to protect and prolong application. If additional thickness or darkening is desired, six weeks will be required to wait between appointments. 

Full Eye-lining 

For thicker and true eye-lining on the upper lashes, we begin by performing the lash enhancement procedure first. After the one week healing period has passed, we reevaluate and decide whether to proceed to perform the full eye-lining. This is an additional amount of pigment placed in the lid margin, for a total of 2-3 mm serving as eye-lining. Many women are very satisfied with the enhancement procedure, finding it exactly right. For some women, the thicker lining may look better. This would be discussed during the consultation. 


For all micro-pigmentation procedures includes a detailed explanation of desired procedure, discussion of pigments, color choices, pre and post procedure care. Your health history will be taken to determine if this procedure is right at the time. The skin test is performed in a chosen area and pre procedure photographs are taken for our records. These are held confidentially as a part of your record. Risks versus benefits of the procedure will be discussed as well as the reasonable outcome of your desired procedure. Costs of the consultation and skin test, to be paid at the time, as well as a deposit for the procedure will be taken to schedule an appointment for the procedure. 
The consultation is $40 and the skin test is $35, so the cost of your first visit will be $75.

For the best results

It is best to not disturb the site by scrubbing and washing the site more than recommended. Applying a topical antibiotic for five to seven days will be the best way to ensure normal healing and retention of the implanted pigments. Of course, for any eye procedure, it is necessary to avoid applying cosmetics on the site and forgo contact lenses for one week. We will provide any specific instructions particular to you at the time of your procedure. For the long term, avoiding sun and wearing sun block daily can help protect against fading.  


The most common misconception about micro-pigmentation is that it is permanent. It is permanent in the respect that it will not wash off like cosmetics. But it cannot be considered permanent because the pigments eventually fade and may even disappear over time. Fading can occur within a year while some people experience no fading even after five or more years. Fading is more common in the eyebrow area, and the nipple areola complex. The oiliness of your skin may contribute to loss of pigments along with improper aftercare and not using an SPF daily. When fading occurs, most people choose to have a touch up treatment. Be prepared to pay an additional fee for cost of materials and time for any touch up appointments. 

All micropigmentation treatments require a consultation.


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