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Rosacea is classified as a type of acne that may be more prevalent due to ancestry and genetics.

Rosacea has often been referred to as “The Curse of The Celts”. Those of German and English heritage seem to be highly prone as well. It used to be thought that only Irish and Scandinavian people could develop rosacea, and since they are so fair skinned, the manifestations of this condition readily showed. In Minnesota, where we have a large population of Southeast Asian people, the Hmong appear to deal with this condition most.

This chronic and often embarrassing disorder of facial skin typically first appears as a redness or flushing on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead that may come and go. Over time, the reddened area stays longer with temperature changes, especially heat, any alcohol use, and environmental changes such as cold and dry winter weather. Visible blood vessels may appear. Skin becomes ruddier, bumps and pimples develop due to bacteria.  In severe cases, especially men, the skin on the nose and chin thickens, as the body attempts to protect the little blood vessels and damaged epidermis. The eyes may be affected, looking very irritated and red, feeling grainy and watery.

Fortunately, the signs and symptoms of rosacea can be effectively managed with treatment and lifestyle changes. Depending on the severity and overall health of the patient, topical treatments along with twice daily cleansing and sun protection is a good start. Overall continued barrier protection for facial skin is critical. Barrier protection in the form of a Z-cote sunblock, used every single day is critical.​

We have a variety of options to treat clients with rosacea. A skin consultation can help determine what kind of treatment may be best for your skin (as there are a variety of products we carry that can help calm and reduce the appearance of rosacea) in order to get it to your desired result. 

We also offer laser therapies to treat rosacea. 


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