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Lip Augmentation


‚ÄčLip augmentation is a procedure to enhance the vermillion border of the lip, which is the natural outline, restore youthful fullness where it has been lost.

Many people have the impression that lip augmentation lends to an unnatural full shape that is popular with the Hollywood stars of today. At Aesthetic Therapies, we believe that a restoration of the natural fullness is the most desirable result. 

Today's fillers are made of hyalauronic acid, a natural component of the skin. We use Restylane family of fillers because its formulation creates a soft, normal feel that is both long lasting and safe. This filler can be injected with a return to regular schedule immediately.

There is the possibility of slight swelling, or bruising and a bit of soreness, usually lasting less than 24 hours. Aftercare for this procedure is the application of a soothing ointment. Within a short time, lipstick, gloss, or lip protectant may be applied.

*Patients who have a history of cold sores may not be injected during an outbreak, and it may be advisable to consider an antiviral medication for prevention (we do provide Rx for antiviral prior to peels or help a patient get Rx from primary MD).

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