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Whether you’re concerned with acne, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, or another cosmetic issue, Maureen Hines, AP LE, LBAT/P, CLO/A, MLSO/C, and Dana Konicek, AP, LE, along with medical director Bryan Rolfes, MD, a facial plastics and ENT physician, at Aesthetic Therapies offer a range of effective skin care services, treatments, and products. From skin-rejuvenating laser therapies to medical-grade products, custom-tailored facials, and peels, you can expect top-notch care and impressive results that’ll have you leaving the medical spa with smoother, softer, and more radiant skin. Skin health, aesthetics, and appearance are of equal importance for dedicated professionals. Request your appointment online or call the Woodbury, Minnesota, office today.

Skin Care Q & A

What skin care treatments are available?

Aesthetic Therapies offers highly effective skin care treatments, such as chemical peels and the SkinPen® with PRP to address your specific concerns. 

Hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, or dryness can be resolved with valuable skin care treatments that boost skin health, aesthetics, and appearance.


During facials, your specialist cleanses and exfoliates your skin before physically extracting the excess sebum from your pores. There are different types of facials, such as the express 30-minute facial, the one-hour therapeutic facial, and a luxurious relaxing facial including massage of the face, neck, hands, and arms. 

Each facial begins with a full skin analysis and discussion of your concerns. Facials can involve exfoliation, extraction, creams, masks, lotions, and protection. 

Chemical peels

A chemical peel involves a chemical solution that your specialist applies to your skin to remove the top layers. Younger-looking, smoother, and firmer skin grows back. Different strengths and types of peels are available, such as the Jessner peel and the probiotic peel.


With microdermabrasion, your specialist applies tiny crystals to the upper layers of your skin to gently eliminate and exfoliate dead and damaged skin. This is accomplished with equipment meant to thoroughly control this process. 

After exfoliation, your skin is usually soaked with antioxidants and masques. The Gommage® chemical microdermabrasion treatment is also available, which involves applying gentle enzymes to remove dead skin cells, along with a massage. 


With microneedling, your specialist applies solution to your skin that allows the microneedling device to glide smoothly over your skin. Your specialist uses a fine needle cartridge to make tiny precise holes in the upper layer of your skin that induce collagen and elastin production.

Most microneedling devices can be used on multiple body parts, such as the back, abdomen, and face.

​Aesthetic Therapies also provides an extraction treatment as part of acne care. It is very much like the facial procedure. 

Why is skin care important?

Skin care isn’t just important because your skin is your largest organ, it’s also your protective barrier from the outside world, so it should be strong, healthy, and resilient.

Your skin is also often the first thing people notice about you and one of the most visible organs on your body.

What are the benefits of professional skin care?

The right professional skin care treatments can make a world of difference for your skin health and appearance. Different treatments include different modalities, products, ingredients, and technology to enhance your skin health and aesthetics, so you feel more confident and comfortable.

Professional skin care doesn’t just give you access to high-quality and proven-successful medical and clinical treatments, it also gives you access to a qualified aesthetic specialist and beauty technician who dedicates time, experience, knowledge, and expertise to resolving your issues. Call Aesthetic Therapies or click for your personal consultation.