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Medical-Grade vs Cosmetic Skin Care Products

Leave the guess work out of it and let us help you find the best products for your skin.

Medical-Grade vs Cosmetic Skin Care Products

As consumers we are constantly bombarded and told by every company that “you need” our product. It’s easy to walk down the aisles of every big box store and think “this is going to fix that for me”, so into your cart it goes. Or maybe you have fallen victim to your friend, neighbor or coworker who is selling products from a pyramid scheme. Have you ever taken inventory of all of your barely used products that haven’t performed for you? Your drawer, if like most others, likely resembles a graveyard of failed products.

Have you ever considered how many dollars you may have spent on these failed products? A little here, a little there. It adds up quickly! Let us take the guesswork out of what products will best benefit your specific skin conditions. You ‘ll likely be surprised that in the long run you will spend less dollars purchasing medical grade-skin care products than on what you would purchase at a big box store or even fancy department store counters..


Why Purchase Medical-Grade Products VS Cosmetic Products?

Our products are FDA Approved:

Any type of product that is designated as “medical grade” must pass the scrutiny of the FDA through double-blind and controlled trials. These products can’t be marketed without first being proven safe and effective. Medical grade products are batch tested for consistent quality and efficacy. Over-the-counter products, on the other hand, are self-regulated by the cosmetics industry. There’s no consistent standard in place for their production. This means the efficacy of the ingredients are not guaranteed.

Our products have stronger active ingredients:

The active ingredients in medical-grade products can be stronger than those sold over the counter because they are  monitored by a licensed professional. These products contain higher levels of such ingredients as antioxidants, retinols, and peptides. Because of their clinical nature and strength, these skincare lines tend to provide more noticeable results than their counterparts sold in stores. Medical-grade skin care products can penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers, actually affecting change in the skin. This cannot always be said of over-the-counter brands.

A better value in the long run:

Medical-grade products are clinically proven to effectively penetrate the skin. Therefore, it usually takes less actual product to achieve the results you desire. You’ll get more uses out of a jar of medical-grade cream than one you buy over-the-counter, and that’s simply a better value. Also, you’ll save money by receiving a product that’s specifically suited to your needs, rather than experimenting with several different kinds, hoping to find one that works.

We can recommend appropriate skin care for you: 

We are licensed and trained to know product ingredients and how they will benefit your skin.  You will receive customized advice regarding the regimen that’s right for you. Our licensed professionals will examine your skin and recommend products that are suited to your skin’s type, tone and needs. This assessment is based on an in-depth knowledge of product lines as well as skin. You can anticipate positive results from a product that is recommended specifically for you.

At Aesthetic Therapies we carry extensive lines of  Vivierpharma, Glowbiotics MD, EltaMD and other specialty products. All of these products are medical-grade cosmeceuticals that can benefit your changing skin this Fall.  We can fill in all the blanks or just the holes in your skincare regimen. You may be surprised that it can be as simple as adding one or a few good products to get the best results for your skin. So stop spending needlessly on over-the-counter products, purge out your unused failed products and spend with purpose to have the most healthy skin.

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